Articles | Volume 8, issue 1
14 Feb 2022
 | 14 Feb 2022

A statistical framework for integrating nonparametric proxy distributions into geological reconstructions of relative sea level

Erica L. Ashe, Nicole S. Khan, Lauren T. Toth, Andrea Dutton, and Robert E. Kopp

Data sets

Ocean Biogeographical Information System (OBIS) database Pandolfi, J. M. and Jackson, J. B.: Ecological persistence interrupted in Caribbean coral reefs, Ecology Letters, 9, 818–826

Model code and software

Nonparametric Ashe, Erica L.

Short summary
We develop a new technique to integrate realistic uncertainties in probabilistic models of past sea-level change. The new framework performs better than past methods (in precision, accuracy, bias, and model fit) because it enables the incorporation of previously unused data and exploits correlations in the data. This method has the potential to assess the validity of past estimates of extreme sea-level rise and highstands providing better context in which to place current sea-level change.