Articles | Volume 6, issue 1
06 Mar 2020
 | 06 Mar 2020

Using wavelets to verify the scale structure of precipitation forecasts

Sebastian Buschow and Petra Friederichs

Data sets

RADKLIM Version 2017.002: Reprocessed gauge-adjusted radar data, one-hour precipitation sums (RW) T. Winterrath, C. Brendel, H. Mario, T. Junghänel, A. Klameth, E. Walawender, E. Weigl, and A. Becker

Short summary
Two-dimensional wavelet transformations can be used to analyse the local structure of predicted and observed precipitation fields and allow for a forecast verification which focuses on the spatial correlation structure alone. This paper applies the novel concept to real numerical weather predictions and radar observations. Systematic similarities and differences between nature and simulation can be detected, localized in space and attributed to particular weather situations.