Articles | Volume 8, issue 2
14 Dec 2022
 | 14 Dec 2022

Evaluation of simulated responses to climate forcings: a flexible statistical framework using confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modelling – Part 2: Numerical experiment

Katarina Lashgari, Anders Moberg, and Gudrun Brattström

Data sets

Simulated seasonal temperatures 850–2005 for the seven PAGES 2k regions derived from the CESM last millennium ensemble. Dataset version 1 Anders Moberg and Alistair Hind

Short summary
The performance of a new statistical framework containing various structural equation modelling (SEM) models is evaluated in a pseudo-proxy experiment in comparison with the performance of statistical models used in many detection and attribution studies. Each statistical model was fitted to seven continental-scale regional temperature data sets. The results indicated the SEM specification is the most appropriate for describing the underlying latent structure of the simulated data analysed.