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14 Dec 2018
 | 14 Dec 2018

Hourly probabilistic snow forecasts over complex terrain: a hybrid ensemble postprocessing approach

Reto Stauffer, Georg J. Mayr, Jakob W. Messner, and Achim Zeileis

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Manuel Gebetsberger, Reto Stauffer, Georg J. Mayr, and Achim Zeileis
Adv. Stat. Clim. Meteorol. Oceanogr., 5, 87–100,,, 2019
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Snowfall forecasts are important for a range of economic sectors as well as for the safety of people and infrastructure, especially in mountainous regions. This work presents a novel statistical approach to provide accurate forecasts for fresh snow amounts and the probability of snowfall combining data from various sources. The results demonstrate that the new approach is able to provide reliable high-resolution hourly snowfall forecasts for the eastern European Alps up to 3 days ahead.